I’m loving the new Nicki. She looks 50 million times better now. =) Au naturale.

Happy Birthday Mr. AJ!!! Time to grub. #foodporn #angrybirds #deadpigonatable

I forgot to do #throwback Thursday pic so I might as well post a #flashback Friday one haha. Either way good times for the #Seahawks #12K and I set my personal best. But I didnt come close to speedy Gonzalez on the right. Haha. #gohawks #beastmode

My little buddy @minirose206 and me!!! Another 12K in the books. #seahawks #gohawks #12k #beastmode #nikeplus #runoftheday (at Virginia Mason Seattle Seahawks Training Facility)

Running a 12K with some compadres!!! Hahah. #12k #seahawks #gohawks #beastmode #nikeplus #runoftheday (at The Landing In Renton)

I just died and went to heaven. DAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!  I just died and went to heaven. DAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! 

I just died and went to heaven. DAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!Β 

Going back to 2011 to the day a met the homie’s @iamrichardferrer and @iammichelleferrer kid Ella Mae or as we still call her EmEm. =] Crazy how time flies. One day I hope I get my own. Haha. #throwback #tbt #kids #whynot

Zedd is the shit mang!!!!! I have most of CD on replay during all my runs and this shows how much of a multi-talented artist he is. #zeddΒ 

Ice cold Corona and the waterfront. #peace and #serenity πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŒŠ (at Mercer Island - Island Crest Way)

Been a while since in Instagramed a #foodporn pic so I chose #Filipino Spaghetti for today’s. If you haven’t had it then your missing out. It’s really similar to the Italian one but it’s sweet and it has Filipino hot dogs in it. Haha….#thatisall

One more just for the hell of it cuz I love Summer movies. Its a perfect way to enjoy the free AC and zone out for a couple of hours. Heres the “Rock” as Hercules. Looks very CGI but well see. =)

Oh yeah. Can’t wait for this to come out. One of my childhood movies and cartoon and Video Game series ever. Hope Michael Bay dont F’ it up.Β 

Do you sometimes look at old pictures and in a way the predict the future? We’ll this is one for me. We went to our good friends baby shower last year and in it she had a photo booth. There was props to wear and I chose some glasses. Funny if it was faith but a month later I learned I really needed them. Craziness. Happy Thursday!!! #throwback #tbt πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘“